Sharm El Sheikh is a lively Egyptian city and popular tourist destination, located on the Southern tip of Egypt’s famous Sinai Peninsula in the Northern Red Sea. It’s considered one of the pioneering dive areas/resorts in Egypt, offering some of the best and most popular diving destinations in the Red Sea.

Ocean Dream Diving From Sharm El Sheikh

Due to its proximity to Ras Mohammed National Park, the Straits of Tiran and the famous wrecks of the Gulf of Suez, many of our Egypt liveaboards have regular departures from here.

At we have several yachts with itineraries offering 7 night dive safaris, which include all of the Northern Red Sea dive site highlights. So you can be diving the famous Thistlegorm wreck or Dunraven wreck one day and the next spend your day diving through huge fish schools at Shark and Yolanda reefs. Other well know dive areas are also accessible from the Sinai area like Woodhouse Reef, Jackson Reef, Gordon Reef and Thomas Reef which are the four reefs that make up the the Tiran Straits dive area. Here the chances to see larger pelagics such as Hammerhead sharks are good.

Though many of these areas are accessible by day boat, Ocean Dream Fleet affords you the opportunity to be first on the dive sites, dive for longer and avoid the typical day-boat crowds. Other itineraries offered from Sharm El-sheikh may visit the more Southern areas of the Sinai region, taking in wrecks that are located to the North of Hurghada in Abu Nuhas like Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and Kimon M. Experienced divers may also be able to dive near Gubal Island, which has more wrecks like the Rosalie Moller to explore.

Getting There

Sharm El Sheikh has it’s own International airport and is easily accessible by direct flights from most European countries as well as by connecting flights from Cairo. Transfers to and from the airport or hotel are often included in the cost of your liveaboard trip.

Choose of  Ocean dream fleet to start your fantastic scuba adventure in the northern Red Sea.

Diver by a coral reef with Anthias fishes, Red Sea, Egypt
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Dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh

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