The Red Sea really is a one of a kind place and should not be overlooked by any diver, no matter what your experience level. Thanks to its geography, the Red Sea is warm all year round and virtually enclosed – which has enabled a totally unique marine ecology to develop. There are species found here that no other patch of water can offer, along side some of the more typical fishy favourites. From the smallest macro life, through to turtles, eagle rays right up to the apex predators and even whalesharks, diving in the Red Sea is never dull. Be you on a lavish coral reef or a heavenly wreck, every dive is different yet always packed with nerve tingling moments you will treasure long after your tan has faded.

Sinai Peninsula & The Red Sea

Northern Red Sea diving appeals to divers of all levels of ability and with different interests. With a diverse variety of sites this area is appealing to all divers.

The Sinai Peninsula is a mountainous region which often seems mirrored underwater with monumental drop off’s, dramatic vertical walls and canyons. Located on a major shipping route these waters are known as the gateway between Europe and Africa. Many ships have sailed their last voyage in this area. The Northern Red Sea has some of the most impressive wrecks in the world including the Rosalie Moller and the SS Thistlegorm.

In addition there are world class reef dives with dramatic walls and fast currents. Ras Mohammed National Park is at the very most southerly tip of the peninsula of Sinai – The Straits of Tiran a short distance away to north – both are home to spectacular reef dives.